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Kleintje Pils wants to unite people by playing YMCA in Sochi

After being in touch with author Victor Willis

The emotional appeal which Paul de Leeuw made in the Dutch television programme De Wereld Draait Door (The World Keeps Turning), came straight from the heart and affected the entire Dutch population. We also noticed the dreadful pictures of the homo-hate in Russia and other countries. That does not leave us unmoved. Being guests of the Russian Olympic Committee, though, it is not our place to provoke others. We have been in touch with Victor Willis, the songwriter and singer of the song YMCA. He wrote to us saying that it was his intention to unite people with this song. That is what Kleintje Pils advocates. We will not preclude anyone. Kleintje Pils performs YMCA for everyone; that is also the Olympic opinion in Sochi.




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